After much deliberation and some tutorial guidance from the man like Dr. Dros, I finally came up with a feasible idea that would encompass some of the elements of the videos which had originally inspired me. The idea is as follows:

1:Create an open circuit using a tinfoil covered surface


More Inspiration!!

I got shown this video from Alex, and it’ similar in ways to the Beardyman video, using a typical household setting, in this instance also the kitchen, and using the objects around to create a compositional piece. Obviously as it’s John Cage there are also some pretty off the wall objects lying around, such as a bath and a watering can! I was mostly inspired by his ability to include his actions through his composition, making it interesting to watch as well as listen to. I want to capture some similar style of entertaining the eyes as well as the ears.


In this video Beardyman, one time UK beat box champion uses his beat box skills to create a ‘recipe’ for a short composition by giving everyday household items an instrumental quality through his voice, over all creating a great performance piece that proves highly entertaining to the viewer. This then got me thinking as to how could something similar be re-created but without the beat box skills and instead using the skills I have using D.A.Ws such as Ableton where the sounds will be real instrument samples instead of imitations created through the human mouth.


Been a wee while since I managed to get round to sorting out a post, oops! Since then have changed the idea completely, the midi shoes for the minor project where a bit of a flop, so decided to look to pastures a new but stick with the Arduino as the heart of my idea. I also felt that an overall ‘performance’ throughout the piece must also be key to my idea, hmmmmmm? Eventually I did come up with a new idea, but will post some videos which gave me the original inspiration before trying to explain what I’m going to try and achieve 😉

General Ideazzzz!

As this project should be a reflection of what we are interested in personally, I rather fancy the idea of live interactive production through triggering pre made loops by movement. With each loop assigned to a different movement or combination of movements. This would mean that an entirely new composition could be made each time, depending on which sequence of movements are used during performance. Being on time and ‘within’ beat would be rudimentary to this sounding good, otherwise you would achieve a ‘train wreck’ effect, where the loops would be out of sync. (*potential problem)